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+ The big earthquake in Nepal +
Dear friends
On the 25th April 2015, just before 12 noon, a long-feared major earthquake struck Nepal causing widespread destruction. Most lines of communication were destroyed; however, we have been able to obtain basic information about the Mustang district and Ghiling, the village where our school is located. The Mustang district is about as far away from the earthquake's epicenter as Kathmandu.

Nobody from Ghiling was seriously injured, but the village is considerably damaged. Our schoolteachers' accommodation is completely destroyed, and the school building and kindergarten are also damaged (though fortunately repairable). About 30 of the 63 houses in the village are so badly damaged that they will require demolition and will need to be replaced by new structures. A further 20 houses are damaged, but are hopefully repairable. The full extent of damage cannot currently be determined, due to the threat of more aftershocks in the coming days and weeks.

Life is extremely difficult for the people of Ghiling. Night-time temperatures drop to -4 degrees centigrade and housing, even apparently unaffected houses, are uninhabitable due the threat of aftershocks.

We learn daily in the media of the situation in other parts of Nepal, and in particular of the dire situation in Kathmandu. It's a disaster.

While international aid begins to move into the capital and will slowly penetrate the region around the epicenter, the village of Ghiling will not receive any international assistance in the foreseeable future. Patta and its partner organizations are the only agencies on the spot. This is why we urgently need you to donate. First we need to procure tents for 30 families. Later, in addition to the repair of the school buildings, we aim to participate in the reconstruction of village housing.

... first pictures from Ghiling ...

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We thank you for your help!!!

Patta e.V., 01.05.2015

Patta literally means endless knot. It is an auspicious symbol in Nepal and Tibet and stands for the never ending, fortunate connection and friendship between the person who gives and the one who receives this symbol.

By its activities in Nepal and Germany Patta e.V. contributes to an attitude of peace and friendship between the people of Nepal, Tibet and Europe.

With financial support and consultations we give children and youths in Nepal the prospect of a qualified school- and professional education. By improving the infrastructure with for example school and Kindergarten buildings, we promote the development of their living conditions. By supporting the preservation of their traditional cultures in combination with a qualified modern education they gain the basic knowledge and opportunity to take their personal and their societys future into their own hands.

Children in our partner schools in Germany get to know and acknowledge the Tibetan and Nepali culture through slide shows and participatory projects. The practical and true to live acquisition of cultural topics supports a positive attitude towards foreign cultures and people. During personal meetings with our project partners from Nepal they learn to appreciate the value of their own living conditions.