Nepal is one of the seventeen poorest countries of the world. Our sponsorship of school children, students and vocational training enables the protection of children and young people in the different regions of Nepal, from the pre-destined child-labour and the bitter cycle of poverty and unemployment which traps many of the adults in the country.

Before the foundation of the Association, several members of Patta had already organised, mediated and supported the sponsorship of needy Nepalese and Tibetan children. The first children sponsored were two Tibetan refugee children in 1982.

Since then we have made it possible for numerous children and young people to receive an education. We have seen with pleasure, how they have grown into worthwhile members of their community and today, are self determined and live a life of dignity.

What does sponsorship cost?
  • For 30 Euros per month you can sponsor a child to go to school in the more central areas of Nepal.
  • 65 Euros per month enable a child to go to school in the remote, mountainous region of Mustang (school, accommodation, clothing and help with homework).
  • 178 Euros per month enable the training of a Nurse. This lasts 3 years.
  • 75 Euros per month enable degree training in Tibetan Medicine, which takes 7 years.

If desired, sponsorship can be taken out by several parties together.
In Germany the sponsorship costs are tax deductible. In other countries please confirm with your local tax office.

Yes, I will sponsor a child or young person!

IIf you would like to help, but are unable to take on sponsorship, every contribution helps!
You can find the contact and bank details of our society under "Registration Information".

How to get to know your child
Every sponsor receives a photograph and a report regarding the child, its family background and its education. Significant changes in the life of the child will be reported to you.

If you would like to get to know the child you are sponsoring personally and are planning a trip to Nepal, please contact us directly. We are more than happy to support you in your preparations for meeting the child.

If you would like written contact with the child you are sponsoring, please inform us when commencing the sponsorship, so that we can find you a child with an appropriate standard of English, who is able to write to you and lives in an area where a postal service is available. With small children who live in remote areas, both of these factors are not always possible.