Every Euro that you donate helps!

With your contributions, you help us to keep children away from child labour and give them a qualified education.
You help us to prevent children from the mountainous region of Mustang having to leave their homes simply to be able to go to school, to prevent them from attending boarding schools in the subtropical regions of Nepal, where they have to grow up without their parents and siblings and are alienated from their culture and religion. Your donation helps us to provide them with a qualified education near their families and within the context of their traditional culture and religion.

With your donation, you help us to promote the improvement of the living conditions of children and their families, to promote the maintenance of traditional culture and to support the infrastructure by building nursery schools, school and boarding school buildings.

  • The sum of 65 Euros enables a child living in the mountainous region of Mustang, at a height of around 3500 meters, to attend a qualified school supported by us, close to their home and within their traditional context. Here they learn, play, eat and sleep. Assistance with homework is given and all classroom materials are supplied.
  • With 30 Euros you enable a child living in a more central area of Nepal to attend school for a whole month.
  • For 3 Euros per month a child can be supplied with exercise books, pens and other necessary school materials.
  • 2 Euro are sufficient to supply a child with a fountain pen and ink for half a year.

These prices are calculated in respect of current prices in Kathmandu and more central areas of Nepal. For the children that go to school in the mountains of Mustang there are additional costs as supplies such as exercise books and pens etc. have to be transported high into the mountains, before the children in our school in Gelung, Mustang can utilise them.

If you would like to support the children in Nepal, every contribution helps!
You can find the contact and bank details of our society under "Registration Information".

Here you find a report from the Newspaper Nepali Times about our school in Gelung from November 2012.